Your Daily Prayer For Healing


Dear Goddess, Tonight, the full moon has emerged and reflects upon river and snow. The picture here was taken at the beginning of the new day. Now the moon welcomes us into the long winter’s night.

The days are growing longer, and soon we will feel this more acutely.

This week on my radio show, Julia Assante discussed life after death. She said there is no separation between this life and the next. She also said that there are no rules, punishment or guilt. People will bring those hang ups with them, of course, but the majority will let go immediately and blend willingly into Divinity.

On any given day, we confront societal fear of death in TV commercials and media that show only the young seemingly preserved forever in eternal youth. The medical establishment pushes test after test down our throat, as a way to prevent death another day. When people die, the attitude that the worst thing in the world just happened is a common reaction.

We all do it. We’ve all been there.

It’s time to bring death out of the closet. Let it stay awhile. Invite it for tea. Become friends with it. It is something we all will “do.”

“Doing Death.”

What a concept!

Om Peace Amen

Kate’s third Prayer Prescription book will be published Spring, 2013. It is called: Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health.


  1. Samantha West says:

    The radio show with Julia Assante had much food for thought I want to look for and be more receptive to
    communication knowing there is no separation between life.and death. Like the idea of inviting death to tea.

  2. Samantha West says:

    Good grief, Yes ! Have always thought of dying as going through a door that usualy only opened in. That past loved ones could occasionaly send messages but Julia Assante offeres a more comforting image that communication is much more accessible then we thought that is inspiring.

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