Your Daily Prayer For Healing-02/17/2013

Dear Goddess, As winter comes to a foreseeable end, and spring-time promises to return, the present moment has never been more important. These in between times tend to create a restless spirit.

A fierce February wind is with us today reminding me now of February past and February future all happening at once in the here and now.

Our dogs and cats keep us grounded in these precious moments we spend with them. T.S. Eliot, my kitty kitty catty cat, did not want to go outside on this cold day. But he is gallivanting with little Pearlie, in the sunny part of the yard, which is also protected from the wind.

Our animals give us a respite from the seriousness of the world. And there’s always an over serious feel about February, especially in this part of the world.

Today is the big protest march in Washington to tell POTUS (President Of The United States) to stop the Tar Sands Pipeline. The sane solution to our energy problems is solar and wind power.

Let us offer up Prayer Prescriptions for the healing of Mother Earth, even if it is smack in the middle of February.

Om Peace Amen

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Kate’s third Prayer Prescription book will be published Spring, 2013. It is called: Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health.

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