Your Daily Prayer For Healing-01/30/13


Dear Goddess, Last night’s radio show was enlightening pertaining to food and the emotional eating that many of us unconsciously get into.

These are the questions I asked the author Julie Simon.

1) This book is much more than a guide to eating healthy foods. Can you give us a rundown of ways we sabotage ourselves, stemming essentially from not being loved, and how we don’t love ourselves?

(Of course many of us have been loved. But how many of us have been loved unconditionally?)

2) One of the principles outlined in your book is: pay attention to hunger and fullness signals. This has to do with tuning into with our need to eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, rest at different intervals throughout each day, and in general take care of ourselves. Can you speak to this?

3) Can you explain some of the body balancing principles outlined in part two of your book?

4) Your spiritual reserve section is wonderful. Which spiritual practices do you personally practice?

5) Self-defeating thoughts seem to be the biggest culprit to being productive in today’s world. Can you explain reframing negative doubtful thinking?

6) Some of us are night workers. What adjustments can we make to balancing out the circadian rhythm?

Listen to the show to hear Julie’s answers.

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Kate’s third Prayer Prescription book will be published Spring, 2013. It is called: Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health.


  1. Leslie Male says:

    Hi Kate……..I don’t usually do things “on time” but I did finally listen to your show with Julie Simon and found it to be interesting and very helpful. Thanks!

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