Ulysses, Zen Master

IMG_0337As I prepare Prayer Prescriptions 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health for publication, I was inspired to dedicate the book to Ulysses The Dog:

“To Ulysses, Zen Master,

Dog of all Dogs, Noble, Heroic, Magnificent,

And dog, once again,

Ferocious and growling at every single dog

On the street.”

This prayer is part of the prayer prescription book:

Dear God/ess, I found a pin at work and no one knew where it came from. So I took it.
It says: “Please Remain Calm.”

My patients commented on it. I kept thinking that “Please Remain Calm” is my philosophy of life.

One of my patient’s significant other had a melt down around the birthing bed. The Mother To Be wanted him to leave and never come back.

I took him aside and said, “We must have peace around the birthing bed. In fact, there are three sacred places where harmony is the most important thing in the world: the birthing bed, the sick bed and the death bed.”

Interestingly, he left without me having to call Security. He left respectfully.

Calm, peace and harmony are not impossible aspirations. We can have these experiences right here, right now. Last week I listened to a gentleman on a webinar, Marc Allen, describe how he became wealthy, by actively pursuing the state he calls laziness.

I equate harmony and enjoyment as a state of laziness. We used to call laziness in the ’60’s as “hanging out.” the thought of hanging out elicits feelings of slowing down and listening, hearing, smelling and tasting.

Hanging out around the birthing bed, the sick bed or the death bed need not be frightening or mysterious. It is relaxing and peaceful. Going back to ordinary living after such experiences is nearly impossible.

As Ulysses and I take our daily swims out on the river, we lazy up and down upon the current. I throw his ball, a stick or a stone. We see the light rays of sunlight through the water. Then when I have to function in the world, I remember the slowing down of life.

And calm is exactly how I feel.

Om Peace Amen


  1. Rebecca Sutton says:

    Dear Kate I think of Ulysses often. What a Wonderful Friend. Thank You for your Lovely Words.God Bless you.Love & Light. Rebecca

  2. Ssmantha West says:

    Beautiful story of swim with Ulysses hanging out with dogs is magical.

  3. Ssmantha West says:

    Stunning photo of that handsome fellow

  4. Jala Magik says:

    Lovely column, Kate, and a sweet memory of Ule!

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