Ulysses, Zen Master Part 2

IMG_0013This prayer was written one month before Ulysses passed from the physical dimension in 2011, December.

Dear Goddess, Ulysses and I are hanging out in the barn again today. We have a beautiful view of the woods, of the pasture, and of the beautiful Conestoga River.

Ulysses would rather stay in the barn than in the house all day. So he and I are in the barn, me doing my work, and him taking naps. Every now and then he asks me to let him out to do his business. Every now and then we’ll take a walk around the property and play some ball. Baxter, the great White Pyrenees who lives on top of the hill, is still with us in mind body and spirit. We go up to visit him occasionally, too.

We have a beautiful Shenandoah woodstove in the barn. It is so warm in here that I have to open the door a crack to keep the room comfortable for both Ulysses and me. Especially for Ulysses. I don’t want it to get too hot for him.

Ulysses equates the barn room with meditation. It is here that Ulysses gained the nickname, “Zen Master.”

As long as Ulysses is happy here, this is where we will be spending our winter. Ulysses’ sense of peace will help me write, edit and finish my books.

Today’s prayer prescription is dedicated to all of you who love your dog: for the love of dogs everywhere.

Om Peace Amen

Ulysses died a month later.


  1. Ssmantha West says:

    Very moving memory brought tears as I remember those last months with my beloved William so
    Grateful for quiet sharing days. Dogs are a true gift.

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