True Humility Is Like A Tree

IMG_2687Let us rewire our brain today with True Humility:

True humility has as its largest component a letting go of ego, of outward appearances, of needing anything outside of yourself in order to feel alive.

True humility reminds me of Saint Francis, a saint who laid down his ego for a life of service and love of the Divine Joy, of the luminous transfiguration that ignites the spirit of humanity.

We can vow to lay down the ego, too, the need to control, the idle wondering of a mind held in bondage by thoughts discordant in nature.

True humility is a state of joyous spirit which transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary, without need for fanfare or spotlight upon the ego.

So we breathe and walk slowly and observe our lives and make enough time so we need not rush or speed aimlessly through our experience.

True humility is a prayer. It has no expectation or need for center stage.

It accepts the full responsibility for waking up and staying awake. It accepts the truth of reality and relinquishes the need to resist it.

Life is a tenuous experience most of the time, although we may not always notice this. We tend to think the good times last forever, discounting the changes that are inevitable. I was guilty of not noticing when I was younger. Now it has become the primal supposition of living.

Celebrate every moment. Firmly plant yourself in the here and now, like the roots of a tree. Ground yourself as calmly as an Old Growth Oak.

And don’t let the bastards cut you down!

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  1. Samantha West says:

    Great advice …wonderful example of tree there are such an Emarence source of quiet strength. I forget to stop and savor the moment . Sure did today the boy and I enjoyed the glorious sunshine.. Nice vine with your snowy white girl.

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