The Reality of Canine Ageism

Remembering Ulysses

Remembering Ulysses

Remembering Ulysses

Dear Goddess, It’s balmy this Monday evening, November 14, 2011. Ulysses wants to play ball in the Conestoga River. And that is exactly what we are doing in this moment. Ulysses just emerged from the river and shook the river water all over me.


He hesitated before going in the water, because it is already cold. But now that he has gone in a few times, he’s ready to go in at least five times more.


This old dog has a way of thinking that he’s still a puppy.


I think we can learn something from this. There is as much ageism in the dog world, as there is in the people world. Ulysses has broken many boundaries in his short 10 years of living.


He beat the cancer scare. Now with all of his immune boosting remedies, he seems to be growing younger every day. Perhaps he is the Bragg of the dog world, eating healthy and taking his supplements.


I few of us at work recently dressed in Halloween costumes. Pictures were taken of us and placed on the wall in our common kitchen. People had to guess who each person was.


I dressed as Elma Flintstone, with a scanty cave woman dress, and a curly red wig. I hid my face behind the computer.



No one could guess who I was. Everyone said that the person behind the computer had to be at least 30 years young.


Some people still refuse to believe that it is me behind the computer. In order to prove it, I dropped my nurses pants late one night in our lunch room to point out that the knees in the picture matched my knees exactly.


Only on night shift.


This tells me that ageism is very much alive in the people world, too. Of course this we all know.


Today’s prayer prescription? Be young at heart.


Like Ulysses.


On Peace Amen


  1. Samantha West says:

    Love your age proof made me smile. Oh how wonderful that Ulyses loved to swim so
    Glorious a choice what a wonderful boy.

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