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The Book Challenge Is A Rewire

The Book Challenge Is A Rewire


downloadI have been participating in a Book Challenge these last 30 days. Marketing our books can deplete a writer’s sense of creativity, but this needn’t be the case. So beloved mentor and teacher D’vorah Lansky taught us strategies in an interactive style every day sans Sunday, for fellow authors to do daily to market our books. The 30 days is over 6/7/14 but we can continue to access the materials and take our book marketing to the next level, thereafter.

I already blog, have a book series and have an Amazon presence. The things I put in place so far from the book marketing challenge are tiny steps forward, plus I have committed myself to a few awesome decisions about my online and off-line life as a writer.

For instance, one year ago I made a commitment to do a webinar series about uprooting the fear of death in American society. I did five of those but technology bogged down further webinars, because I bought a system that had too many glitches in it. In time, the creators of the system have worked them out. So I will be back to the #uprooting our fear of death Webinar Series in the very near future.

My audience in general are people who contemplate the larger questions of life, such as who am I? What does this all mean? How do I become conscious and maintain this awareness? How do I cultivate love and compassion in every day life?

BookChallengeMy series of books are called The Prayer Prescription Series, and so far there are nine books in the series. One tip I implemented from the 30 day book challenge is a 365 day Audio Prayer Prescription Tip on my Prayer Prescription Series Facebook page.

I also post a Vine video and a written wisdom tip on my Living The Simple Life Facebook Page. As a result, both pages are gaining in popularity. But most importantly, I love doing the simple daily tasks. They seem to keep me on track with what is important in life – love, laughter and healing which equals freedom.

I also plan to create a free and paid e-course surrounding the book: Prayer Prescriptions: 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health. But first, I need to self-publish the book into a paperback. It currently is available on Kindle.

These plans will keep me busy until the end of 2014 and beyond. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Kate says: “I love having meaningful conversations with people about their love of life and what it means in relation to prayer and eradicating the fear of death. It makes me crazy how American society sweeps death away and no one speaks about it. This is why I’ve created the “#uprooting our fear of death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet” webinar series, as well as #the prayer prescription series, and will be doing Teleseminars on these subjects in 2014.” Kate Loving Shenk, RN BSN

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  1. Samantha West says:

    Wow busy lady sounds great look forward to more of your creativity in books, radio and more on
    Uprooting our fear of death also look forward to e course. You are an inspiration !

  2. I am so inspired by your clarity of vision and how much you’ve already done. Thank you for sharing. I hope you’ll visit my page, and perhaps down the road we could do a “joint venture”. My message is that we all deserve a purposeful, passionate and joy-filled life, and I’m creating courses and books to get that out. I got so much of value from this Challenge with D’vorah Lansky, and meeting someone like you is truly a bonus!

    • Hi Peg-thanks for hopping by! I found this challenge to be one of the best courses I’ve ever taken! I can hardly wait to implement more and more strategies! I love what you are doing! Let’s keep in touch!

  3. Great post, Kate, and I love the Vine and the wisdom tip ideas. I wish you all the best with your efforts! (Which, actually, don’t seem like efforts at all, but loving acts of joy.) Blessings on you!

    • Thank you, Donna. The way the challenge organized the authors involved has been nothing short of miraculous!! I am so happy to find all of you, and D.vorah Lansky!! That, too, is a miracle!

  4. You are amazing. You have your whole year mapped out. I wish I were as organized. Best of luck to you!

  5. Kate, thanks for giving a description of your books, audio series, and Facebook routines. Until I read this I didn’t realize one could put audio posts on Facebook. I’d love to do that. I must look into it!

    • Hi Donna–I use the iPhone app called “I said What?” Then post it on my main FB page, then over to The Prayer Prescription Series FB Page! Will see how it works!

  6. Hello Kate, You have some very interesting topics to your presentations. I agree that death is not something to fear. In addition, doing our absolute best with the present is a gift. You may enjoy my newsletter. Hop over to my website and join the list. http://www.jazzyeco.com

    • Hello Elizabeth! It is a pleasure to meet everyone stopping by during the Blog Hop! This is almost as fun as a FB Fan Page Party! Perhaps a bit more meaningful! I will check out your offer, Elizabeth!!

  7. Kate, I love your purpose and the direction it has taken you. One of the topics I addressed in my Elle book is that Elle loses her father in Afghanistan. At the funeral she mentions how much she hates the term “putting him to rest”…She says that it sounds like someone is putting her dad down for a nap when they say that. We are mostly spiritual beings but many have no idea what that means to them really. Thank you for addressing a tough subject…it is something a lot of people can benefit from. Enjoyed working through this challenge with you and look forward to continuing the relationship!!

    • Peggy, another death cliche is, “I lost so and so.” Lost? Really? That drives me batty! Thanks so much for stopping by! I would like to read your book!!

  8. Hi Kate! I enjoy everything you are doing. I have a chapter on overcoming the fear of death in my own book. Will sign up for your list as I would definitely like to keep in touch with you.

  9. Vickie Newman says:

    Kate, I am awed by your commitment to and passion for this important element of everyone’s life. Great post and I especially appreciate hearing what someone with marketing strategies in place took away from the challenge. Thanks for sharing.

    • Vickie, it is so easy to map out too many strategies at once. I am learning to be a better goal setter. Also, I recently created an office space to do my work, although the world these days is my office!! Many Blessings!!

  10. Kate, you are amazing! Your “creating a signature program” article, during the book marketing challenge, has inspired many. Thank you for sharing how you are putting this into action in your own business. The way you take action and run with an idea is inspiring. I’m excited for you, for the success you are having with your book series and your interview series. Go Kate!

  11. I’ve had a couple of brushes with death that have left me with a new sense of peace. Death sits on my left shoulder like a quiet mentor reminding me that today, now, is what I have. When I consciously remember life is not guaranteed past this moment my actions and reactions are filtered differently. I try to do and say things that would be something I was happy with should they be my last actions or words in this earth suit I wear. Still, I certainly wouldn’t mind trading the body suit in for a thinner, stronger, more mobile one – not younger though – I’ve earned every grey hair that would be on my head if I had any. Death is a thoughtful friend who every day helps me grow and be deliberate. I don’t fear a friend.

    • I love your description of death as a friend– not the so called Grin Reaper, or a haunting of a sense of impending doom! Thank you for sharing your perspective!

  12. Kate~ Really resonate with what you describe as this experience being a commitment which will take us through 2014, and I think beyond. As a Quaker in California we support natural, home funerals (now legal) much like midwives had to fight for natural childbirth. Blessing on your work~

    • In Maui they have death stores on every corner. I also want to “do” a “Death Cafe” which simply means a gathering of people who converse about death as a natural rite of passage. Which, of course, it is!!

      • I think that is a great idea. The taboo of talking about death can be just as hard and stressful on everyone as not talking about it. I hate it when the family of people who are dying just brush it under the carpet like its not happening – especially when the one dying wants to talk about it!

  13. Hi, Kate, I’d love to hear more about your webinar journey, pros, cons, lessons learned, as I am about to embark upon my own soon, I believe, inspired by this BMC!

    From the BMC Blog Hop! When I can, if you put up your FB series or author page, I LIKED yours and would appreciate a reciprocation: https://www.facebook.com/TheSpannersSeriesbySallyEmber or a FOLLOW: http://www.sallyember.com Best to you!


  14. I think it may have been in Harry Potter or another book where I’ve read: “Death is not an ending, but a beginning of a new journey.” Good luck with everything you are doing. You are an inspiration.

    If I got the source of the quote wrong, please feel free to correct me. :-)

  15. How does it happen that you with your nursing degrees (usually one is socialized into being a knowledge receiver, not brilliant sender as you seem to be) express yourself so creatively and your cutting edge ideas so holistically? Wow!

    I’m looking forward to knowing more about you and your work/play and connecting over mutual interests and directions.


  16. Great post! So inspiring! In a year I hope to be where you are now.

  17. Good post Kate, thank you. And all the best for your many plans.

  18. Sharon Smith says:

    Hi Kate. You are a mentor, an inspiration and a really busy lady. I am so pleased we connected on this challenge and I look forward to continuing our friendship. I suggest you post a link to your book on your FB page so people can share. Take care.

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for your kind words! I love how the online world takes over and feels more real than the offline world! That has certainly been true these last 30 days!! Best of success to you!!

  19. “Tiny steps forward” is becoming my motto after the Challenge. Then I anticipate one great leap!

  20. It was great to read your contribution to this hop, as well as read your article during the BMC itself, Kate.

  21. Got, Kate, go ! I admire your focus and determination. It definitely sounds like you’re on the right path. Steady as she goes …

    • Hi Doreen, sometimes I wish I could take one giant leap of faith and be done with it, but that’s not the way it works!! Thank you so much for hopping by! Much appreciated!

  22. I think our disconnect with death in America, ironically enough, manages to disconnect us from our lives. Avoiding the obvious cycles of nature keeps us from fully experiencing the moments we have.

    Really interesting blog you have here, and I admire and am inspired by all you have accomplished!

    I need to try posting audio on FB, too. That’s a new one on me.

    Thanks! :)

    ~Tui Snider~
    @TuiSnider on Twitter
    Dropping by from the 30 Day Book Marketing blog hop
    I am also part of the #StoryDam team, a friendly writing community!

    • Hi Tui, I use “I Said What,” an iPhone app, and automatically load it on my main FB page, and from there transfer it over to my FB book page! EAsy peasy!

  23. I’m still blog hopping and I finally got here! There are many others I haven’t reached. Each one is unique and inspiring! I enjoyed reading about your Prayer Prescriptions and a more realistic view of death!
    For my book Workplace Spirituality: A Complete Guide for Business Leaders, see or http://ow.ly/xTDgW
    For my Book Marketing Challenge blog post with comments, see http://ow.ly/xTDzZ
    For my Fire in My Heart blog, see http://ow.ly/xTDQC
    For my Facebook Author Fan Page go to http://ow.ly/xTE3u

    • Thank you, Nancy! I am enjoying the blog hop! I have several more to visit, and am looking forward to the experience! Many blessings on your book marketing adventure!

  24. Kate, I love your message and the energy behind everything you’re doing. I’d love to live in a society that honors death as a passage, and not an end. Best wishes to you on your success!


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