the prayer prescription series

Mid-Summer Glory- Podcast 223

This time of year is spectacular! One thing that's difficult to fathom is-- the days are getting shorter. The weather is getting hotter. Here in Lancaster County, gardens are beginning their prolific bounty until the first frost. Even though we need not think about that for awhile, it is looming and winter, although a short time of year, stretches out and time slows down. The trick is to consciously slow down all time, at every season, mindfully. Join Nicole Dean's Awesomization August … [Read more...]

Market Analysis For Prayer Prescriptions: 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health

Market Analysis For Prayer Prescriptions: 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health Genre: Nonfiction Category: Spirituality, Enlightenment The spirit of this book is inclusion and suggests a poetic way of life where prayer practice is internalized along with meditation and other spiritual practices. The spiritual is not separate from any other aspect of life, love or business. The spiritual life is like the spoke of the wheel. Every aspect of experience merges in spiritual truth, … [Read more...]

The Reality of Canine Ageism

Remembering Ulysses Dear Goddess, It's balmy this Monday evening, November 14, 2011. Ulysses wants to play ball in the Conestoga River. And that is exactly what we are doing in this moment. Ulysses just emerged from the river and shook the river water all over me.   He hesitated before going in the water, because it is already cold. But now that he has gone in a few times, he's ready to go in at least five times more.   This old dog has a way of thinking that he's still … [Read more...]

Loosen Your Hold On Life

True Forgiveness

Dear Goddess, This morning's sky reveals red streaks in the dawning day. A new day reveals promise and hope of what is yet to manifest. It also encourages us to rest in the full majesty of great beauty and magnificence.   Some have suggested that they get more done in the predawn hours than most people get done in an entire day. Naturally they were referring to writing projects etc. rather then home-improvement projects and the like.   I am a night person but see the value … [Read more...]

Ulysses, Zen Master Part 2

This prayer was written one month before Ulysses passed from the physical dimension in 2011, December. Dear Goddess, Ulysses and I are hanging out in the barn again today. We have a beautiful view of the woods, of the pasture, and of the beautiful Conestoga River. Ulysses would rather stay in the barn than in the house all day. So he and I are in the barn, me doing my work, and him taking naps. Every now and then he asks me to let him out to do his business. Every now and then we'll take a … [Read more...]