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The Reality of Canine Ageism

Remembering Ulysses Dear Goddess, It's balmy this Monday evening, November 14, 2011. Ulysses wants to play ball in the Conestoga River. And that is exactly what we are doing in this moment. Ulysses just emerged from the river and shook the river water all over me.   He hesitated before going in the water, because it is already cold. But now that he has gone in a few times, he's ready to go in at least five times more.   This old dog has a way of thinking that he's still … [Read more...]

Loosen Your Hold On Life

True Forgiveness

Dear Goddess, This morning's sky reveals red streaks in the dawning day. A new day reveals promise and hope of what is yet to manifest. It also encourages us to rest in the full majesty of great beauty and magnificence.   Some have suggested that they get more done in the predawn hours than most people get done in an entire day. Naturally they were referring to writing projects etc. rather then home-improvement projects and the like.   I am a night person but see the value … [Read more...]

Nature Prepares Us For Birth and Death-Podcast #68

the Last Frontier

It is important to use prayer, not as a last ditch attempt at saving lives, because people will die, and so will you and I–(well do we really die? that is open to discussion). Prayer is used to get into a vibrational field of peace of mind. So when we pray for those who are moving on from this dimension, we feel peace as we pray. Our loved ones want us to be at peace. It also helps their transition if we are at peace. When many people pray together, miracles happen. Sometimes a person makes a … [Read more...]

Death Is Not The Enemy-Podcast #67


Bringing death out of the closet has been one of my greatest passions these last three years. This particular podcast changed my life. It was my first Google Hangout (MP4) now podcast (MP3) and I was nervous and excited to have Julia Assante join me. She is the author of The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death. I am reminded of how much farther people have to go with the recent death of our friend Chuck Leayman. At a gathering of friends in Chuck's honor, … [Read more...]

Hop Skip Jump-Questions to Marnie Makridakis Podcast 59

You R Beautiful

The radio show with Marnie Makridakis is rescheduled for 2/10/15. There was a miscommunication about the time, so I spoke for fifteen minutes, and uploaded it to my Audello Podcasting platform. I love Audello. The old way of putting up podcasts is archaic, yet people are still doing podcasts in a manner that is  way too much work for me. The questions I am going to ask Marnie on 2/10 are on this podcast. If you have any other questions you want me to ask about ways to be more playful, please do … [Read more...]