“Prayer Prescription For Nurse Healers” Chapter One Preview

PART ONE: Sleep Working Within the Patriarchal Medical System

I am walking through the long corridors of the hospital where I work. The nurses dispense medicines and chart on the medical record. Sick patients walk the hallways for exercise. Somber pictures of male doctors who have retired in the many years since the hospital’s beginnings line the elevator foyers. I do not see one picture of a woman, doctor or nurse.

These pictures represent the patriarchal system, sending a message: not of male domination, but the domination of a life force that is solemn and unyielding. This tyrannical world view is what people face going to work every day in the business, education and medical world, and in the factory. People spend over one half of their lives on the job, feeling unsupported and alienated.

As my friend Steve said the other night, while reminiscing about one of his many jobs in the world: “No one laughed in that factory, not even a smile.”

Everyone at the table nodded in recognition, with nothing to add to the statement. We were safe in our kitchen, with Mukunda the dog playing ball with any willing person. The steady light of the night stars were present from every window. The battle ground of the patriarchy would begin again Monday, at 8:00 a.m.

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