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Prayer Prescription Book Synopsis

Prayer Prescription Book Synopsis

Kate Loving Shenk is a writer, healer, musician and the creator of the upcoming book called “Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Heath.” The book is designed to stimulate a renaissance of Prayer and Praying, and help her readers see that Prayer Is A Universal Language.

Kate has been a practicing RN/CRNP for 28 years, and currently acts as a Labor And Delivery Nurse, which is very special, indeed.

For the past two years, Kate’s been writing non-denominational prayers. For the first 365 of those days, she created what she called “The 365 Day Blogging Challenge.” She did not miss a day. This created a buzz surrounding the prayers on Twitter, Squidoo and Facebook. The Prayer Blog is syndicated in at least ten different places that she knows of.

In Kate’s own words: I have been a nurse for 28 years. One of the things we must ask our patients is if they have a spiritual or religious practice that gives them comfort.

More often than not, a patient will simply say,”I pray.”

Naturally, I understand exactly what they mean. No further explanation is necessary.

Prayer puts people on a level playing field. As more and more people admit to their practice of prayer, we can learn to throw our prayers into a hat, and pass the good will around.

Prayer is love. Prayer heals. It clears your heart, so that only the good is drawn to you forever.

Prayer has the robust ability to bring peace to our present moments. A prayer practice is a spiritual practice, and has the unique ability to blend and harmonize Spirit with Religion, however you wish to experience and express this.

I feel the Prayer Prescriptions are Angelically channeled. The Prayers often come from no where, asking me to relay the intent of Love into a wave length where people can receive them.

Angels are always with us. They wait for us to ask them for their help. Angelic help is needed now more than ever.

As one little area of our life straightens out because of our ability to pray, the next area of our life straightens out and the next and the next and the next.

Your prayer prescription may be completely different than mine mainly because we are perhaps starting at different focus points. My guess is that we end up at the same place which is in a place of healing.

I have heard it said that prayer is you talking to God, and meditation is God talking to you. The more we involve ourselves in these practices, the healthier we will be.

True health begins from within your deepest soul. We can practice and experience health when we make up our mind to do so.

In this moment, my dog Pearl is my prayer prescription. I spent the whole day with her and loved every single second.

What brings you happiness? What brings you joy? Do more of that. Surround yourself with nothing but elevating vibrations. Then you will truly be bringing a holistic health remedy into your life.

In this case the remedy is a prayer prescription.

Prayer practice, or any other spiritual practice, propels you into a higher vibrational field. Consequently, you become less in a state of denial about where you need to be in this world today. You are better able to own up to what it is you are here to do in this world.

Denial no longer is an option.

If you’re being bullied or abused, you can see it immediately for what it is. If there are alcoholics in your life, codependency is no longer an option.

What are the unquestioned conditions that surround you today?

The deeper you get into a prayer practice, it’ll be easier to just walk away.

Prayer prescriptions are also a way of life. Creating prayers is a form of poetry, dancing, singing or drumming. As we internalize our prayer practices, or meditation or spiritual practices, it becomes impossible to separate out our spiritual lives from every other area of our lives.

A spiritual life is like the spokes of the wheel. Every part of life merges in spiritual truth. If any part of life is disingenuous, we know that something has to change from within ourselves. We use our intuition to determine what goes and what stays. Our prayer practice will accelerate this process.

The more we live and experience the free zone, which is where your Prayer Prescriptions exist, where you can’t tolerate disingenuous, otherwise known as phony, fake rules and regulations, the more we do what we are called to do.

And we Do It when our psyche is in harmony with our Divine Calling.

Prayer prescriptions are a personal thing. In reality, all the beautiful things in the world are a prayer prescription. Even in the face of trials and tribulations, we can find that one thing that frees us, which would also be a prayer prescription.

Finding the prayer prescriptions in your life are like uncovering hidden treasures that have been yours all along. You must give yourself permission to seek them out.

Prayer prescriptions are miracles. If you look at everything as if it is a miracle, you can also look at everything as if it is a prayer prescription.

Prayers are a way of life. They create solitude and a contemplative existence to your everyday world.

Each step along the way is a prayer. Each in breath and out breath is a prayer. The time I have spent with every dog in my whole entire life is a prayer.

Everything is a prayer.

Prayer is a way of asking for help. Simply asking, God, please help me, opens the opportunity for the angelic realms, higher guides, higher power, and all the unseen helpers to flock in and assist you onto your path of destiny.

Emergencies come up all the time in my work as a nurse. After all, we are in the business of saving lives. We cannot do this all by ourselves. When we remember that we are never alone, and we elicit help from the unseen helpers through the power of prayer, miracles always occur. There are no exceptions.

According to the book, A Course In Miracles, a miracle is a change in perception. This perception entails a change from fear to love.

Fear based thinking is detrimental to your health.

Love-based thinking heals your entire mind, body and spirit.

You are what you eat, you are what you think, and you are the prayer that runs through all of life in a spirit of Love.

Embrace it because it is a true expression of what we are all capable of.

Check out Kate’s Virtual Book Tour Page Here!!