Prayer–How Do We Rewire Our Brain?

P. R. A. Y. E. R Rewire Our BrainWhen we rewire our basic assumptions about our everyday reality, the beauty of nature comes to mind. Nature is our greatest teacher. It can be calming and beautiful, serene and magnificent, or stormy and cataclysmic.

Getting back to nature is our greatest calling. Even the slight dusting of snow this morning was beautiful. It was transitory. It’s gone now.

Looking at life through a lens of cheer and joy is a Rewire.

Looking at a dusting of snow as if it was the most beautiful thing on god’s earth– is a Rewire.

Seeing life through the eyes of my dog– is a Rewire.

Singing to my dying dog– is a Rewire.

Singing to a new born babe– is a Rewire.

Knowing our loved ones are always here– is a Rewire.

Feeling the warmth of other suns and galaxies– is a Rewire.

Unplugging from the opinions of other people– is a Rewire.

What is your Rewire today?

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  1. Samantha West says:

    My rewire today is figuring out how to sew removable couch and cushion covers without a pattern.
    Challeging new skill.

  2. Samantha West says:

    Ha Ha Well he is certainly helping by staying under the table right beside machine starter

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