Prayer For Forgiveness- Podcast 141

The Boston Marathon Bombing Happened 2 years ago. The same hold true today as it did then, after a contentious trial, finding the bomber guilty of the mass destruction and murder.

Here is a prayer I wrote for that occasion:

True Forgiveness

True Forgiveness


1) May those of you closely involved feel the outpouring of prayer and love from people all over the world


2) May those of you closest to the sadness know that you are not alone


3) May you know you are loved


4) May you know that all the prayers create a power greater than any act of hate or violence


5) May you know that the power of prayer transcends all earthly concerns


6) May you know that prayer’s power transforms all of us and creates the reality that your loss is everyone’s loss

7) May you know that as we tune into the fragile nature of this physical lifetime, we are brought face to face with the suffering of all which is humbling.

8) May you know that the flame of a single candle burning in memory of those who have gone before us is a symbol of hope and eternal life

9) May you know that those who have gone before us have messages for us– and we can receive them If we listen

10) May we know that the messages are deeply felt when we open our collective heart

11) May we know that opening the Compassion Heart is the only choose there is


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