Announcement: Teaching the Method

Sunrise On The Conestoga River

Late at night, one night after the time change, working an extra hour at warp speed, I taught one of my nurse colleagues how to do Mechano Magic! I taught her first by asking her to watch another nurse friend do the treatment on me, then she received the treatment. Now she needs to give me the treatment so I can evaluate her touch. She asked me: do patients think it's weird when you offer to give them a treatment? Do they ever say No? I had to think about this. No, no one has ever … [Read more...]

Announcement: Kate Loving and the Collective Wisdom Radio Show

Stone From Lourdes France

I have a weekly Radio Show called Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom. New World Library, publisher of Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, has recently commissioned me to do radio interviews with their new authors! This is exciting! Listen in to Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom, 5 PM EST, every Tuesday night! The call in number is: 347-205-9200 … [Read more...]

Your Relationships Are Your Mirror-Podcast #31

The Relationship Handbook

What do your relationships say about you? What do your reactions to other people say about you, both negative and positive reactions? Some of our relationships signify stuck patterns of behavior and a revolving door of repeating actions and reactions in response to what people say and do "to us." Is there another way to live? Are other people our doorway to enlightened perception? Shakti Gawain and Gina Vucci team up to write this book, which reveals a fascinating way to play with the … [Read more...]

Don’t Wait To Get A Dog-Podcast #30


It may be irresponsible of me to say this, but whatever you do #don't wait to get a dog, if you don't have to. There may be many seemingly rational reasons not to get a dog, but the companionship that they provide and the love they give is unequaled by any other human/animal relationship on the planet. I talk about this on the podcast today and on the Google Hangout below the podcast. Who would we be without our dogs? In a word, irrelevant. In – … [Read more...]

Do A Year End Review-Podcast #29


Whatever you do, be sure to do a #year end review. This is the time of year to take stock of the year gone by and the year to come, of the many years we've lived on this beautiful planet of ours and hopefully of the many more years we have in this lifetime. It is time for a 2014 year in review, a personal review of what mattered and what matters to us, now. We can sometimes trace these happenings through world events, and that review can trigger personal response and discovery. My own … [Read more...]

Hospice Care Is A ReWire-Podcast #28


My Google Hangout with Stan Goldberg PhD is at the bottom of the podcast today. What was my main take away and prayer prescription? If you or your loved ones have been given a prognosis of having six months or three months to live, the best thing to do immediately is to get a referral to Hospice. Those who do so live longer and can break out of the denial of death, the fear of death, and in the process have better quality of life in the last few months. It could even be that they would beat … [Read more...]

Holiday Overwhelm-Podcast #27

Holiday Stress

One of the most honest things we can do for ourselves over the long holiday season is simply to face the reality of overwhelm. We have all experienced it one time or another. This podcast explores the special circumstances that set the stage for overwhelm and my Prayer Prescriptions for overcoming it, or a whole series of “it.” One thing that is in the background of our holiday experiences is all the people who have died but remain in our dreams and loving hearts. Celebrate their memories. … [Read more...]

Dogs Don’t Die-Podcast #26


I had a long talk with a friend of mine last night who recently lost her dog due to severe cardiac abnormalities. When I told her last week that the dog really didn't go anywhere, but just isn't here in the physical realm, she suddenly felt much better and wanted to talk to me at greater length. She said several things in our conversation that struck me as being honest and true. 1) dogs are so close to humans emotionally because they have a very important lesson to teach us: love. 2) do … [Read more...]

We All Have Cancer-Podcast #25

Cancer Cell and Normal Cell Division

My family doctor used to say we all have Cancer Cells that come and go. In fact, my doctor and his wife both died of Cancer, but both had it for decades. They never spoke about it. But because my mother was a close confident to them, she seemed to have some idea of how they handled their lives with Cancer. Stan Goldberg Ph.d, my guest this week on "The Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable," has had cancer for 12 years, and has been a Cancer Hospice volunteer for eight years. He is a … [Read more...]

Do Not Resusitate-Podcast #24


Once again, I spent the night reading Knocking On Heaven's Door: The Path To A Better Way Of Death by author Katy Butler, as a young patient was waiting for her baby to be born in the next room. The book is about Katy's father being kept alive by a pacemaker, making his death long and excruciating, because the family couldn't find a doctor to turn it off. It was far too easy to find one to place the pacemaker, however. Katy Butler also reveals the kickbacks these doctors receive by signing … [Read more...]