Announcement: Teaching the Method

Sunrise On The Conestoga River

Late at night, one night after the time change, working an extra hour at warp speed, I taught one of my nurse colleagues how to do Mechano Magic! I taught her first by asking her to watch another nurse friend do the treatment on me, then she received the treatment. Now she needs to give me the treatment so I can evaluate her touch. She asked me: do patients think it's weird when you offer to give them a treatment? Do they ever say No? I had to think about this. No, no one has ever … [Read more...]

Announcement: Kate Loving and the Collective Wisdom Radio Show

Stone From Lourdes France

I have a weekly Radio Show called Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom. New World Library, publisher of Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, has recently commissioned me to do radio interviews with their new authors! This is exciting! Listen in to Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom, 5 PM EST, every Tuesday night! The call in number is: 347-205-9200 … [Read more...]

Thought Viruses- Podcast 103


In the Wayne Dyer book I am reading called Excuses Begone, Wayne talks about the thought viruses which get us, if we let them. I have a great example of this on today's podcast. Ageism, excuses, weakness of any kind are Begone!! Time is another excuse for the weak of heart. I am a night person but see the value of switching myself around to get up and work in the predawn hours.  Naps are especially restful later on in the day. I also see the value of not boxing myself into a schedule at all. … [Read more...]

No More Excuses – Podcast 102


There are a few Wayne Dyer books I have not yet read. One that's been on my bookshelf for a long time is called Excuses Be Gone. We've been taught that our reality is caused by our biology, like our DNA. But the newest science says that our reality is caused by our beliefs. This makes it much easier to change your beliefs when we know that's all we have to do. What you are is what you believe, not what you were handed down genetically.  There's another book about this very thing called the … [Read more...]

Meaning, Spirit, Letter Writing- Podcast 101


After reading Wayne Dyer's new book called I Can See Clearly Now, I got the idea to teach a Spiritual Memoir/Autobiography class, giving  new meaning to the art of memoir writing. I could easily teach this class locally as well as online. Eventually, what we will explore in the class will be made into a book.  I just sent my second letter and now am contemplating a third. The lost art of letter writing is easily resurrected by simply writing letters. Just do it! You will bring much happiness … [Read more...]

Write Your Spiritual Autobiography-Podcast 100


Today is my 64th birthday and synchronistically my 100 podcast. After reading Wayne Dyer's latest book called I Can See Clearly Now, I got the idea of how to write my own spiritual autobiography which this podcast goes into great detail about. Writing memoir doesn't have to be a linear experience for the writer or for the reader. But Wayne Dyer wrote his memoir in a linear fashion, and it's easier to grasp because he has gone  through so much. To go from point A to point D to point B to point A … [Read more...]

Embracing A Spiritual Life-Podcast 99

Dr Wayne Dyer

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience or are we physical beings having a spiritual experience or is it both? It depends on how you look at it and where you are in that moment in time. Maybe you are having a dream at night and you're largely a spiritual being. Mixing and matching the spiritual and the physical makes life a game and fun to play. This game is not competitive or defensive or non-loving. As Mark Twain said, "Youth is wasted on the young." Life is not wasted on the … [Read more...]

When I’m 64-Podcast 98

My 100 podcast coincides with my 64th birthday on March 3. This is a synchronistic event and I did not plan it. I play "When I'm 64" on my podcast today and it sounds damn good. So what's it like to have almost 100 podcasts under my belt? Do I have any more to say? What could be said after 100 podcasts? I've found that the more creative you are, and I would include doing a podcast every day, you become a repository for all creativity in the world. You suddenly become an antennae for the self … [Read more...]

I Can See Clearly Now-Podcast 97


I Can See Clearly Now is Wayne Dyer's new memoir and I am reading it with great enthusiasm. All of Wayne Dyer's books have a certain amount of memoir quality to them and some of the stories he tells are not necessarily new to those who read his books. Wayne Dyer is a true mystic and visionary. Over the years I have been changed by his books. A shift literally occurred in my consciousness many times because of Wayne Dyer. The same thing happened when I read Jane Robert's Seth books, and more … [Read more...]

Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable-Podcast 96


The boldly bald women conversation Google Hangout is now successfully posted on my Nursing Career Transformation You Tube Channel.  Soon I will promote it on some of the nursing forums I frequent on Facebook.  I know men are traumatized by hair loss, too. When my husband began to lose his hair, those first devastating realizations of lost hair were rough. Yesterday our hairdresser officially shaved off all his hair, synchronistically the same day we had our conversation about boldly bald women … [Read more...]