Announcement: Teaching the Method

Sunrise On The Conestoga River

Late at night, one night after the time change, working an extra hour at warp speed, I taught one of my nurse colleagues how to do Mechano Magic! I taught her first by asking her to watch another nurse friend do the treatment on me, then she received the treatment. Now she needs to give me the treatment so I can evaluate her touch. She asked me: do patients think it's weird when you offer to give them a treatment? Do they ever say No? I had to think about this. No, no one has ever … [Read more...]

Announcement: Kate Loving and the Collective Wisdom Radio Show

Stone From Lourdes France

I have a weekly Radio Show called Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom. New World Library, publisher of Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, has recently commissioned me to do radio interviews with their new authors! This is exciting! Listen in to Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom, 5 PM EST, every Tuesday night! The call in number is: 347-205-9200 … [Read more...]

Who Is Your Mirror?


I just got off the phone with a coach who does what is called "shadow work." Her name is Karin Green. I liked her message so much that I want her to come on The Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable to discuss the things we think are disturbing are actually mirrors of what we need to work on within ourselves. This idea is perfect when we automatically recognized the mirroring affect of our thoughts, and of so-called difficult people, and realize nothing is going on out there that doesn't … [Read more...]

Bandwidth Rewire


Last night I noticed my blog had exceeded its bandwidth. This happened right in the middle of a 31 day blog boost challenge.  I have written  a post every day now for 21 days. It's a good sign that I'm getting more traffic on my blog because of the power of writing every day. I ordered more bandwidth  for only $10 a year and now I'm good to go. It seems I could continue to write something every day because of everything that's going on in my life. The Nursing Career Transformation Round Table … [Read more...]

Renaissance Dogs


Ulysses was very communicative with me when Mukunda passed on 1/6/2010. He reminded me for all the world of my father. Mukunda reminded me of my mom. Mukunda and Ulysses' relationship reminds me of my parents. Pearlie, on the other hand, is a Renaissance Dog. And so is her sidekick, Skeeter Doodle. The two of them are unique canines. But what makes the two of them #renaissance dogs? Number one I think it's their uniqueness. There's nobody like Pearlie or Skeeter Doodle. Pearl is fiercely … [Read more...]

Who Do You Believe?


Who do you believe? Is an interesting question. There are just a few people I always believe, no matter what, at all costs. One is my retired Vet, Dr Frank, who saved several of my dog's lives, and many others, too. He said Pearlie is a Border Collie/ Samoyed combination. Many others have different ideas. But Dr Frank's evaluation is what I've settled on. Another is Amy Goodman. Her track record is impeccable. I believe everything she says, no matter what. For instance, we were just watching … [Read more...]

Captain Dan Willis And The New Police Paradigm


The conversation I had with Capt. Dan Willis this week was a rewire. He was such a polite person, easy to talk to and amazingly compassionate. Why should that surprise me? We've all been led to believe that police officers are reactionary and will shoot people at the drop of a hat. Certainly this has been true for people of color. Not so much for the white privileged folks. So my discussion with Captain Dan led to the ongoing demonstrations, unrest and dissatisfaction in Ferguson, Missouri. … [Read more...]

Pearlie is a Squirrley


We celebrate my dog Pearl's birthday on 10/15/14, but her birthday could be any day this week, last week, or next week. She is a Libra through and through: outspoken, independent and fierce. She is now three years young. Pearl caught a squirrel yesterday. The Vine today is Pearl running through the park with a squirrel in her mouth. She gave it up after she ate the entrails. She must have needed the enzymes. Of all the dogs I've ever had, Pearl is the most beautiful. She is the most eccentric. … [Read more...]

Nurse Entrepreneurs: The New Frontier


I am still hanging in with the 31 day blogging challenge. Today is day #16. This morning I set up a Webinar/Hanginar  for October 23 at 10 AM. I will be having a conversation with Tiffany Martin BSN/RN. Tiffany Martin BSN, RN is a holistic nurse educator specializing in stress, anxiety, and pain management through gentle yoga postures, energy therapy, and relaxation techniques. When we get involved with nursing, we may not realize the full potential of Entrepreneurial Nursing. For instance, I … [Read more...]

Lancaster County’s War With The Discovery Channel

Lancaster County Amish Country

#amish mafia, a #discovery channel production, is filmed in Lancaster County Pennsylvania where I live. When the show first came out, many of us had horror for the show, and thought it would expire on its own. Unfortunately, there are now five Amish Genre Reality Shows being filmed In Lancaster County. A local filmmaker, #mary haverstick, wrote a letter to Lancaster Newspapers one day in July and complained about the shows. She spearheaded the #respect amish movement overnight, a website and a … [Read more...]