Announcement: Teaching the Method

Sunrise On The Conestoga River

Late at night, one night after the time change, working an extra hour at warp speed, I taught one of my nurse colleagues how to do Mechano Magic! I taught her first by asking her to watch another nurse friend do the treatment on me, then she received the treatment. Now she needs to give me the treatment so I can evaluate her touch. She asked me: do patients think it's weird when you offer to give them a treatment? Do they ever say No? I had to think about this. No, no one has ever … [Read more...]

Announcement: Kate Loving and the Collective Wisdom Radio Show

Stone From Lourdes France

I have a weekly Radio Show called Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom. New World Library, publisher of Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, has recently commissioned me to do radio interviews with their new authors! This is exciting! Listen in to Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom, 5 PM EST, every Tuesday night! The call in number is: 347-205-9200 … [Read more...]

Ulysses, Zen Master

Ulysses Zen Master

As I prepare Prayer Prescriptions 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health for publication, I was inspired to dedicate the book to Ulysses The Dog: "To Ulysses, Zen Master, Dog of all Dogs, Noble, Heroic, Magnificent, And dog, once again, Ferocious and growling at every single dog On the street." This prayer is part of the prayer prescription book: Dear God/ess, I found a pin at work and no one knew where it came from. So I took it. It says: "Please Remain Calm." My … [Read more...]

Outgrowing What Was Never Yours

PROOF first in the Prayer Prescription Series

When I first became a nurse in 1984, the world of medicine still had some humanity left within it. The book, Prayer Prescriptions For Nurse Healers, reflects the humanity that still existed at that time.   I would like to see hospitals and clinics get back to that model of emotional intelligence. The model that exists now reflects Corporate Personhood, a Supreme Court decision that originally was meant to regulate election donations, but now has trickled out to effect everything in … [Read more...]

How Are We “Doing” with Death?

Being With Dying

1) Fearing Death 2) Denying Death 3) Defying Death 4) Grieving Death 5) Accepting Death 6) Liberation In The Face Of Death These six ways of approaching death are in the Joan Halifax book called Being With Dying. I have learned so much from this book and use in my podcast from time to time. Why are these important? Because they act as sign posts to where we or those we know and love fall in the continuum between fear and mystical perception regarding the reality of … [Read more...]

Celebrating Gentle Birthing- Podcast 151


I have been petitioned to be the blogger for birth care midwives dot com, currently on a sub domain. I will be starting a podcast on that site, as well, called: The Gentle Birthing Podcast. If you go to the above-mentioned Domain you will go to the old website. It is indeed a work in progress. We owe much gratitude to Bonnie Gruenberg CNM who did all the work on the website. Today's podcast discusses birth and death. This podcast is often about death and awakening to the life we currently … [Read more...]

Your Dream Life–Podcast 151


The last few days, I have been semi-off the grid. It is difficult to reconcile spiritual mystical experiences with the battleground of human conflicts, war and grievances. Yet we keep trying, don't we? I remember reading about a man who went on a silent retreat for one year. When he came back and started listening to the news, it had the same tone of acrimony, division and strife. We can't solve these problems with the same mind that created them. If we keep trying to do so, then … [Read more...]

Prayer For Divine Grace- Podcast 143

Divine Grace

Dear Goddess, Today's prayer will focus on not asking for a specific outcome, but for complete surrender to all that is possible, all the good, all of the love and beauty, and simply ask that it flows through us all, through these prayers, and through the entire universe. Today surrender will align us with an Intelligence that is far greater than anything we've ever known. This Intelligence not only creates, but it flows heart-to-heart, if we allow our hearts to open. This Intelligence … [Read more...]

Prayer For Forgiveness- Podcast 141

True Forgiveness

The Boston Marathon Bombing Happened 2 years ago. The same hold true today as it did then, after a contentious trial, finding the bomber guilty of the mass destruction and murder. Here is a prayer I wrote for that occasion:   1) May those of you closely involved feel the outpouring of prayer and love from people all over the world   2) May those of you closest to the sadness know that you are not alone   3) May you know you are loved   4) May you know that all the … [Read more...]

Community Validation-Podcast 140

Prayers For Peace

 At one time in my blogging life, I wrote one prayer every day for 365 days, and eventually turned those prayers into a book. I found a notebook of them, and over the next few days, I will share them with you: Dear Goddess, Here we go again, writing these words, sinking into Spirit, asking for your light and your love. As we put our metaphorical plug into the spiritual realm, we discover several things: that we can ask our inner guidance system for answers, rather than frantically asking … [Read more...]