Outgrowing What Was Never Yours

PROOF first in the Prayer Prescription SeriesWhen I first became a nurse in 1984, the world of medicine still had some humanity left within it. The book, Prayer Prescriptions For Nurse Healers, reflects the humanity that still existed at that time.


I would like to see hospitals and clinics get back to that model of emotional intelligence.
The model that exists now reflects Corporate Personhood, a Supreme Court decision that originally was meant to regulate election donations, but now has trickled out to effect everything in American society, including medicine.


The Supreme Court voted in favor of Citizens United, which means that corporations are people now, according to the description of the decision. The patriarchy has never been stronger.



In my own life, after publishing Prayer Prescriptions For Nurse Healers, the first in the Prayer Prescription series, suddenly I no longer fit into the corporate model. Suddenly, my life as a nurse in the corporate arena was over.


The universe has a way of blessing every step along the way. Believe it. Honor it. Celebrate the beautiful gift of life. Don’t fight it. Let go in order to make room for the new.


Hospital births are surrounded with high frequency panic, sometimes low frequency panic, but panic, nonetheless. I could not walk back into that environment because I have outgrown it.



Death is treated with the same kind of panic in medicine.


What have you outgrown in your life? Is it easy or difficult to Let Go and Let God?


Om Peace Amen.

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