Our Assumptions Hold Us Back

P. R. A. Y. E. R . CopyPrayer Prescriptions that Rewire Assumptions About Your Everyday Reality – that spells prayer.

Think about it – our assumptions not only hold us back, they hold us up, and keep us imprisoned.

Some assumptions are necessary, and act as survival mechanisms. For instance, if somebody approaches me with an unsavory intention, and I feel a red flag kind of defense mechanism rising up, I am making an assumption about that person, and it is best that I heed it.

However, if you are projecting a person’s behavior into the future based on what that person has done in the past, you are exhibiting an unfair assumption. Unfortunately, most of us do that much of the time.

Or, if one day yields a particular result, you might assume that the same result will happen again, in the exact same way.

Here is a list of assumptions:

1) because I am sick, I will never be well

2) because I am unhappy, I will never be happy

3) or because I am happy, I will never be unhappy

4) because I am poor, I will never be rich

5) because I am rich, I will never be poor

6) because it is winter, there will never be spring

Never and always can get in the way of embracing change.

Prayer Prescriptions allow you to surrender all of the basic assumptions that keep you imprisoned.

Make up your own. Om Peace Amen

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  1. Samantha West says:

    Great subject assumptions are ALMOST real thinking of problem. Rewring thinking
    Very important when you have long sometimes difficult history with someone
    assuming they will always act the same. Need to be open to something new.
    For me this requires prayer. Love the river shot and of course the beautiful Pearlie

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