Questions for Interviews Regarding: Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health

1) How can prayer be used creatively to move you forward in your life?

2) Prayer is you talking to god. Meditation is god talking to you. How to balance these 2 modalities?

3) Is prayer a spiritual or a religious practice? Or both?

4) How can we partner with others in a spirit of Prayer?

5) In what ways does prayer bring you peace of mind?

6) How does prayer and the Law Of Attraction work together?

7) How to use prayer to deepen your contemplative life

8) How to use prayer to communicate with your dearly departed loved ones

9) How to use prayer to flesh out ideas for your entrepreneurial activities

10) Why prayer? Why pray? Why now?

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The Publication Of Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health Is Set For 4/4/2012

Lancaster, Pa, 2/14/2012 – Author Kate Loving Shenk will be releasing her upcoming book, Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health in the Spring of 2012.

Kate is holding a Blog/Book Tour from 3/20/2012 until 4/13/2012.

What is a Book Tour? It used to be that authors had to go city to city to promote their books. Authors still do this, but now there are many other choices for book promotion. Visiting Blog Talk Radio shows, or featuring the tour on my own show, “Kate Loving And The Collective Wisdom,” as well as guest blogging about my book on featured blogs other than, are all in the planning stages.

The book is designed to stimulate a renaissance of Prayer and Praying, and help readers see that Prayer Is A Universal Language.

For the past two years, Kate’s been writing non-denominational prayers. For the first 365 of those days, she created what she called “The 365 Day Blogging Challenge.” She did not miss a day. This created a buzz surrounding the prayers on Twitter, Squidoo and Facebook. The Prayer Blog is syndicated in at least ten different places that she knows of.

For Further Information, please contact Kate Loving Shenk at: 717-299-9887