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Mechano Magic

Mechano Magic

Late at night, one night after the time change, working an extra hour at warp speed, I taught one of my nurse colleagues how to do Mechano Magic! I taught her first by asking her to watch another nurse friend do the treatment on me, then she received the treatment.

Now she needs to give me the treatment so I can evaluate her touch.

She asked me: do patients think it’s weird when you offer to give them a treatment? Do they ever say No?

I had to think about this. No, no one has ever refused the treatment, unless she is in active labor, at which time, she doesn’t want anyone to come near her. This is not always true, but is true most of the time.

One of my patients is in the hospital for pre-term labor prevention. She used her call bell to call out, and said she was in excruciating pain.

She said she felt like her vagina was in flames.

Here, I said, come towards me on your right side facing those windows.

Then I did the Mechano Magic with a little Matrix Energetics thrown in (as taught by Richard Bartlett).

After ten minutes, she was back to hooking a rug. Within an hour, she had the rug hanging on the bulletin board in her room, and was starting on another project.

She didn’t seem to put the pain relief and the Mechano Magic treatment together. But that’s OK!! She didn’t know what hit her, but pain relief was the result.

And the baby lived another day inside her womb.

Mechano Magic was popular in the early 1900’s in America. Ella Kilgus originated the treatment and she opened her first clinic in Newark, New Jersey.

I’ve seen pictures of this clinic, with long, sprawling porches, balconies, long green lawns.

The patients came for Mechano Magic, ate healthy food, and relaxed under old growth oaks, sometimes for weeks at a time.

Dr Ella, as we all called her, then opened another clinic in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where patients came for treatments and extended stays, with the additional healing of ocean power and lunar tidal rhythms.

This was Dr. Ella’s favorite location, but she eventually settled in Philadelphia and had a thriving Mechano-Magic practice there until her death, well into her nineties.

I’d go there with Dr Ella’s friend, Dorothea Williams, whose husband, Hal, a homeopath and my family doctor, learned the treatment and treated many of his patients, including my family.

I learned how to do the treatment from Hal Williams.

Receiving the treatment from Dr Ella was an experience I’ll always remember.

She was old.

She was literally carried to the treatment table by two of her attendants, one on each side of her.

But when she arrived at the table,she straightened up, stood by herself, placed her powerful hands on my back, and began her magic.

Mechano Magic.

From a child’s perspective, this was amazing, potentially terrifying, maybe a bit odd.

But I was mesmerized by this experience.

Dr Ella was a healer of the highest order.

Now only a few of us know how to do the treatment.

I teach my nurse healer friends, I practice on my patients, my husband and two dogs.

I go to the home of Dorthea Williams, who has since passed, and exchange Mechano-Magic with her daughter almost every week.

This has improved my technique.

I am now ready to teach this amazing healing modality to a wider audience.

Is anyone reading this interested in learning this healing method?

Kate Loving Shenk


Mechano Magic Makeover

The Mechano Magic “treatment” is a wonderful balancing.

My oldest friend Ellen and I exchange weekly Mechano treatments. We’ve done this now for five months. Ellen’s dad taught all of us in her family and mine how to do the treatment. Her dad, Hal Williams, was my Homeopathic Family Doctor.

We are really loving this exchange. The weekly rhythm, coupled by the intimacy and the caring of the already existing relationship and the treatment itself, has brought us closer.

We are healing from the inside out.

I love the treatment. I’d say that I crave the treatment.

My dogs seem to crave it, too.

My golden retriever, Ulysses, will suddenly appear, walk backwards until his back repeatedly bumps my leg, asking me to do the treatment, which is done along  the spine.

Naturally I do a Mechano Once Over until he is satisfied. Then he trots off.

This happens at least 5 times a day.

At Ellen’s today, her cat Oslo climbed one of those cat trees with a perch that loomed above me. Once he got up there, he laid down as if to say: Treatment, please.

Ellen gives him many daily treatments. He thought he’d sample one from me.

Ellen had a cat named Ella, named for the doctor who taught her dad how to do the treatment.

Ellen is named after the same doctor.

Ella, the cat, lived to age 25. We all think this longevity is due to the great healing qualities given by the beautiful massage, which Ella received 5 or more times a day.

25 years is a long life for a cat.

Today was a rainy day. My dogs each asked for 3 treatments each.

But the night is young.

They surely will ask for several more!

Kate Loving Shenk

Kate Loving Shenk is a writer, healer, musician and the author of the upcoming book: Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health

The book is designed to Bring you back to your Authentic Self!


Blue Heron Farm Spiritual Retreat Center Is  Open! Mechano-Magic Classes Will be offered several times a year!