Lunar Eclipse Is A Rewire

IMG_0079I am sure we all think of one or several things we want to do or see before we die. Even if we are healthy, our minds tend to wander to that one thing we truly need to do or be.

As for me, I want to see the Aurora Borealis. What strikes me about the pictures or videos I have seen of the Northern Lights is that the hues and the light auras seem to have their own unique imprint. Is it possible that from one moment to the next, the lights are like a snow flake or a finger print–uniquely itself, no one light like any other?

The Aurora Borealis must be one of the most mystical experiences of a life time. I believe seeing the lights must be a little like bringing Heaven to Earth in a magnificent flourish of magical and mystical proportions.

The places one has to go to see “the lights” are cold and barren. Patience is needed to wait out the mysterious arrival of the light which has no other comparison. It may take several or more nights of hanging out, making snow people to keep warm, cross country skiing to finally suddenly see the moving, rolling, swirling bursts of beauteous light. Patience and yes, humility, is a deciding factor as to whether a person sees the lights, or not.

The lights wait for no person.

Another way to see the lights is to go to Finnmark, Norway and allow the Sami people, Norway’s  indigenous culture, show the lights to us. This would be an amazing experience, I think. The Sami people used to believe that the northern lights were the souls of their ancestors dancing on the sky.

This is as good an explanation as any I have ever heard.

The lunar eclipse is happening this week on April Fifteenth, sometime around 2 am. It’s forecast to rain that day but I am hoping it holds off.

These nature displays are the ultimate Rewire. After we witness these events we are never the same, again.

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  1. Samantha West says:

    The Northern Lights must truly be magical a great gift to be able to seeand I’m sure it is life changing.
    Love the Hint of Spring and your lovely Pearlie prancing through the woods

  2. Pearlie has gained a few pounds and these walks are our attempt to be a witness to the beautiful springtime, and — becoming bathing beauties, too!!

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