Loosen Your Hold On Life

True Forgiveness

True Forgiveness

Dear Goddess, This morning’s sky reveals red streaks in the dawning day. A new day reveals promise and hope of what is yet to manifest. It also encourages us to rest in the full majesty of great beauty and magnificence.


Some have suggested that they get more done in the predawn hours than most people get done in an entire day. Naturally they were referring to writing projects etc. rather then home-improvement projects and the like.


I am a night person but see the value of switching myself around to get up and work in the predawn hours. Naps are especially restful later on in the day.


I also see the value of not boxing myself into a schedule at all. Go with the flow. Embrace the moment no matter what time it is.


The days are gradually growing shorter. Time is going fast for the young and the old alike.


So for today, let us relinquish our hold on time. Let go of it.


Only in doing so, will time let go of you.


This is my Prayer Prescription for today!


Om Peace Amen


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  1. Ssmantha West says:

    Wise advice. I can appreciate letting go of time and more important to be present in the moment

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