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Do You Want To Rewire Your Basic Assumptions?

We often minimize our own power to heal. The beauty of a touch, a smile, or a knowing glance is all a person needs to feel the bounty contained in the entire Universe.

We need not wait to shower our love to someone who needs it. We need not wait for another person to be kind to us, first.

Let us practice simple acts of kindness, speaking truth with the passion to help, even if the person does not want to hear it.
Speak to the deeper person beneath the personality.
Speak to the soul that shines in them and in everyone.
Open the curtains to reveal the sunlight. Open the door for easier passage.


The least any of us can do is offer comfort and healing grace.
Simple acts of compassion are the building blocks of a lifetime.


For we are all travelers in this dimension, and all of us are passing through.

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