How Does Ho’oponopono Rewire Your Brain?

According to #ho‘oponopono, we spot it, and it’s our responsibility. For instance, my reactions of negativity are a shared memory– couple that with “there’s only one of us here.” So if I clear it within, I clear it within you too. Once it is clear, divinity shines through and heals.

IMG_0772When our mind is at zero, divinity will give us what we need to manifest a perfect life. This is a work in progress. The work never ends and we are constantly reinventing our lives, a life aligned with God, Goddess, higher power, Divinity.

I personally love ho’oponopono. It is the perfect combination of self-help and spirituality, with its roots in Hawaii. I’ve been practicing it over five years. Its premise is: all the negative self talk is memory replaying. We share these memories. We are all One, #after all. Therefore, when you have a problem, I ask “What is in me to have this arise in my life right now?” So as I heal myself, I heal you. Simple–but old habits of blaming and playing victim are hard to break. But break them anyway.

The continual meditation of forgiveness and love is what helps Ho’oponopono stand apart from the rest of all the other self help, self healing modalities. My job is to work on myself. It’s an inside job. When I bring my mind to Zero, with this mantra, said to Divine Intelligence: “I love you, thank you, please forgive me (for being unconscious to Your Love) I am sorry (for not responding to Your Love)”–the inner healing heals the world BUT we do this NOT for any set agenda. We do this to set ourselves free.

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