How Are We “Doing” with Death?

1) Fearing Death

2) Denying Death

3) Defying Death

4) Grieving Death

5) Accepting Death

6) Liberation In The Face Of Death

These six ways of approaching death are in the Joan Halifax book called Being With Dying. I have learned so much from this book and use in my podcast from time to time.

Why are these important?

Because they act as sign posts to where we or those we know and love fall in the continuum between fear and mystical perception regarding the reality of death.

Today I had breakfast with fellow colleagues from a former job. One said, “No one knows who you are,” because there’s been such a turnover.

And I said, “That must be what happens when we die. After awhile, no one knows who you are.”

It reminds me of the old family albums of my mother’s. I don’t know anyone in those pictures.

Or visiting a cemetery. Tom knew almost everyone in the old Catholic Cemetery we visited recently, after an internment. That is a rarity. Usually, the dead are long forgotten.

Perhaps having a Signature Program as a writer, podcaster and speaker helps build a legacy for the work we do in the world. And people may be more prone to remember us after we die.
This is the article I originally wrote about my own signature program. For me, a signature program is a right brain experience. Enjoy the article!


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