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Julia AssanteThis Hangout On Air featured author Julia Assante, Ph.d, author of The Last Frontier: Exploring The Afterlife And Transforming Our Fear Of Death. The name of these Hangouts is: Uprooting Our Fear Of Death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet.” Julia and I had an hour discussion on why bringing death out of the closet is so important!

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anaiisThis Google Hangout Webinar, “Uprooting Our Fear Of Death: Bringing IT Out Of The Closet,” featured Analiis Salles, Many people have no idea that honey bees are in peril, and because honey bees are in danger of collapse, so is our food system. And so is the Human Race. Analiis Salles has as her mission to save the honey bee. But she can’t do it without us!!



SamSmallSam Small was my guest on this Google Hangout Webinar. It concentrated on the series of films Sam produced in Maui called Dying Into Love, a workshop presented by Ram Dass, Joan Halifax Roshi, Dale Borglum and Bodhi Be. This workshop continues to give me multiple wake up calls.

How does it do this?

Death is very much a denial issue in American Culture. For instance, if we pretend it isn’t there, maybe it won’t happen. Or if it does happen, people may see the death as a punishment, or God let them down, or their religion made false promises, even after a person was living under the rules set forth by the Bible.

Dying Into Love sets the record straight.


Uma1Uma Girish is the author of Finding Amma, a memoir of her last year with her mother before she died. At the time of our interview together, the book was not yet published. How can the death of our mother put us on a spiritual journey? Listen to find out!

The book points up a common misconception we all have about the ones we love–we think they’ll never die, because no one likes to have meaningful conversations about death. With these kinds of common perceptions, are we truly living as fully as we are capable of living?

Uma is a grief and dream coach, and has a popular Blog Talk Radio show called, The Grammer Of Grief, on Blog Talk Radio.


KarenPalmerKaren Palmer and I discussed my favorite topic of all time: DOGS! But what do we do when they die? For animal lovers, the loss of a companion animal is as hard as if not harder than losing a human companion. Why is this so? Tune in to find out!