From Guilt To Gratitude Is A Rewire

imageWhen a person can go from guilt to gratitude, they are on the road to recovery. And what is recovery? It’s letting go letting God, it is finding peace at any cost, letting go of judgment and the need to be right, and finding love in your heart for all of god’s creations.

How can we live on this beautiful blue green planet and not feel a complete and absolute love for everything that is in our lives, everything that this planet supports and everything that people everywhere embrace?

How can we not?

Yet the wars continue and human survival is threatened because we have no idea how to live in peace which begins with me.

Peace of mind, peaceful quiet moments, peace on earth: It doesn’t start with peace on earth and work its way around to peace of mind.

Simone Wright is going to be on my radio show on 24 June at 5 PM. Her book is called First Intelligence. She teaches Police Departments how to use their psychic abilities to find murderers and missing persons, missing children. The first thing people have to do in order to develop and nurture their intuition is to find peace within their heart, mind and spirit. Everything else that is good comes from this peace.

This is why I like the practice of Ho’oponopono. It is not my fault but it is my responsibility to find the peace of mind that surpasses all understanding. This is what the practice of Ho’oponopono can do for us all. Simone Wright does not talk about Ho’oponopono, but since it is a shortcut to the realization of pure peace, I am sure she would agree it is a viable alternative to the angst of terror in the face of guilt and shame.

Please join me on my radio show tomorrow at 5 PM when we will discuss how to be in the state of peace at all times.

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