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“Kate is so passionate about Women succeeding and health care rights. I met Kate through a Master Mind Group and was immediately impressed and awed by Kate’s passion and knowledge of her subjects.

Kate is a prolific article writer and her writing reflects her passion and her interests.” September 24, 2008

Charly Leetham, CEO, AskCharlyLeetham.com


Kate Loving Shenk is a heart-based “creative”.  Her Daily Prayers  bring us her personal and ordinary into the profound.  Kate’s Collective Wisdom radio show is honest and thought-provoking.  Kate authentically engages her guests and brings listeners new insights with her spontaneous interviewing talent.  You’ll keep wanting more.
Marjorie Meister (aka Moonfire)  http://marjoriemeister.com



Kate is an amazing human being who blesses the lives of all those she comes in contact with. She is insightful, sincere, determined, caring, and involved in causes she believes in.

Kate is an exceptional interviewer who creates an enjoyable experience for both her guest speakers and her listeners.

My life is enriched by knowing Kate.

Dvorah Lansky, M. Ed.
Bestselling Author of
Book Marketing Made Easy


“I loved being a guest on Kate’s show! The thoughtful and uplifting conversation she inspired between us was open and inviting. So much like talking to a long time friend that I came away from the experience with a smile in my heart and a skip in my step.” Kim “Skipper” Corbin / http://www.iskip.com/

Senior Publicist At New World Library


I have known Kate Loving Shenk for over three years. We were introduced by a mutual friend. I have worked on several projects with Kate (often as her technical design assistant). Working with Kate is always a joy because she has an inspiring and positive energy which she generously shares with the world through her writing (articles and books), speaking, and hosting the Collective Wisdom radio show.

Kate’s passion to live each day as part of the solution in life’s challenges is a remarkable strength that translates into her prolific and powerful work. This is evident in her Prayer Prescriptions series (yet another gift she offers freely) which she appears to bring the least understood issues into our awareness and then skillfully helps us to transform them into harmony with thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

I believe it takes a special skill to point out problems, point us in the right direction, and then provide solutions in such a balanced approach. I believe Kate’s experience in nursing, as well as her intuitive connection with her spirit, gives her a vantage point few will ever attain. Her dedication to be a motivating force in this world is rare and refreshing. She is among the most centered and enlightened people I know.

Deb Bryan (Texas, U.S.)

Owner of GuideToSquidoo.Com



For over 2 years, I co-hosted a spiritual Blog Talk Radio show with Kate Loving Shenk. Our wide variety of guests included primarily those who shared thought provoking spiritual beliefs, training, and expertise. We joined our listeners as we broadened our spiritual horizons and opened our hearts to new ways of expressing prayer and experiencing spiritual growth.  Kate is a delightful hostess and skillfully guided the interactive program to assure success.

Kate’s calm, warm voice truly set the tone for the show. Her insightful remarks revealed her deep love and caring for humanity, animals and nature. It was a joy for me to learn with Kate and to be challenged by her natural curiosity, study, and desire for understanding of all things spiritual.

I am thankful we did the show. We listened.  We learned.  We shared. We grew. 

Joan Adams


It is always a pleasure to work with Kate Loving Shenk. Her gentle way of teaching and sharing her expertise creates a comfortable environment for learning and asking questions.  Kate’s in depth experience with healing and prayer combine perfectly with her desire to serve others. Her teaching style is courteous and fun. Because of my experiences with Kate, it is my joy to recommend her programs.

Jordan Gray, author of The Seventh Major Understanding