Dancing With Dogs

EasterGandiYesterday I wrote about Gandalf, prayer readings, and prayer karaoke. Today, Gandalf has made a comeback and it’s the first day of spring. Pearlie is pictured here on this glorious day, as well. We are indeed blessed as we somehow made it through a winter fraught with obstacles. The big ice storm was especially hard on our property. Big trees are down everywhere and now that the ice has finally melted, we will be cleaning up the branches, while Pearlie resumes her favorite activity: eating grass and small bugs. That is how she survived as a wild dog in Tennessee before the ASPCA got a hold of her. Thankfully, she no longer runs away like she used to when we first got her and for a full year and a half after she came to live with us, too.

Feral dogs are interesting. Pearlie, because she was wild, is one of the most interesting dogs I’ve ever known. I think she may have PTSD because of her long days of wondering and surviving. She still runs away with her tail between her legs when a person with a cane or hat walks by, or tries to pet her.

SpringPearlieYet these incidences are spacing out as she tames into a beautiful, soulful, loving dog. She has begun to snuggle and lie on my lap within the last month or so.

Dancing has a strange way of connecting me to spirit. Back in the day, I danced at every available opportunity. Not only does dancing connect me to the spirit world, it also connects me to the self that loved to dance years and years ago.

My dog Pearlie finds my dancing  to be  curious. Suddenly she’ll take off and run circles around my feet and pant with laughing eyes.

When she does that, we take the dancing out to the beauty of the outdoors. Last night she and I danced under the Big Dipper and threw all barriers to the stars above and to the earth under paws and feet!

Dogs, my obsession and my passion. I will have one until I die.

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  1. Samantha West says:

    So thankful for all the prayers for Gandalf he is getting better every day. What a girl Your beautiful wild Pearlie

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