Children And The Animals

365 Prayer Prescriptions For Dog And Cat Lovers is dedicated to Jessica Lynne Adams, age 10. She is the granddaughter of my friend and online colleague , Joan Adams. The family lost the family dog, Hogan, in October 2012.

Jessica found out about the book when Joan surprised her with it, today. No one in the family was expecting the child’s emotional response.

The depth of the child’s grief took everyone unawares.

The passing of our dear companion animals is a rocky experience, emotionally and spiritually. The quiet, the loneliness after their passing can be unbearable.

I know it was for me after the passing of dear Ulysses The Dog, one of the best friends I ever had.

He was still alive on this day, one year ago.

I have come to know he will always be alive, in what I affectionately call: The Free Zone. He waits for me at the Rain Bow Bridge.

We got Pearl one month to the day of Ulysses passing.

I am still trying to figure out my relationship with Pearl. She is a wild dog from Rogersville, Tennessee. She will always have a wild streak, of that I am convinced. Yet we grow closer in our love, everyday.

Jessica’s book dedication is a symbol of the love children have for the animals–all the animals on the planet.

The animals bring us back to nature. In that way, the animals save humanity and also the beautiful green planet, which is our Home.
Kate’s third Prayer Prescription book will be published Spring, 2013. It is called: Prayer Prescriptions:  Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health.


  1. How beautiful , Kate! I wish you could have been here this morning to see and hear Jessica read your precious dedication. and yes, her response was emotional indeed. She is still grieving for Hogan, I think. Your book will be so helpful to her with that process. and her questions afterward, and our explanations. Yes, it is a “real published book”, and yes, it’s on Amazon and yes, people around the world will read it.” I think Monica, her mom, said the sweetest thing to her when she said, “Hogan will always be remembered because of your tribute and Ms Kate’s book.” Indeed!!

  2. Oh, Kate. This is so very special and heart touching! Your goodness and love to people as well as our four legged friends is reflected so beautifully in your thoughtfulness, caring and writing.

  3. Samantha West says:

    What a loving gift to that little girl.

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