Celebrating Gentle Birthing- Podcast 151

Birthcare Midwives Family Services

I have been petitioned to be the blogger for birth care midwives dot com, currently on a sub domain. I will be starting a podcast on that site, as well, called: The Gentle Birthing Podcast. If you go to the above-mentioned Domain you will go to the old website. It is indeed a work in progress. We owe much gratitude to Bonnie Gruenberg CNM who did all the work on the website.

Today’s podcast discusses birth and death. This podcast is often about death and awakening to the life we currently live.

More and more women want to birthing the natural way. Birthcare where I work is growing.

Birthcare was founded in 1978 as the first Birth Center in Pennsylvania and has been supporting mothers and families for over 35 years! Throughout those many years, we have had the privilege of welcoming over 7,000 babies to the world.



  1. Ssmantha West says:

    Love your podcast I had the great gift and privilege to be present at the birth of both of my
    grandchildren each unique both amazing and I was also present for the luminous death of
    my mother. As you said they have much in common. Congratulations on newest podcast,

  2. Emily Ash says:

    Kate! Thank you for speaking about this, love hearing your words! You were present for both of my births and I believe that is such a good omen! Thank you, over and over again!

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