Blue Heron Farm Spiritual Retreat Center

Neuro-Mechano Training

July 10,11, 17,18, 24,25

Aug 1,2 Neuro-Mechano Training. For health care professionals, massage therapists, or anyone wishing to learn a powerful healing
technique. Special discount for couples. This course integrates energy healing with physical healing, and covers meditation, visualization, and externalization of energy for healing purposes. In the process of learning
to heal others, we are healing ourselves.

Holos 101

July 13,14,15, 20,21,22, 27,28,29

Aug 3,4,5 Holos 101. This course is based on Holoenergetic
Theory and Practice. Consisting of Meditation, Guided Imagery, Energy
Awareness, and Sending and Recieving Energy from all sources. This three
day intensive is designed to teach one to heal the earth, other people, and
the plant and animal kingdoms through specific energy practices utilizing,
chi, prana, or grace, which are one and the same. It will serve as a first
level of training, for other levels to follow.


Neural Mechano Magic- $200.00 for two days of training, lunch and snacks
provided. $250 includes camping breakfast and dinner. Tents and showers
provided, canoes available.

Holos 101 – $300.00 for three days, lunch and snacks included.

$375.00 for camping breakfast and dinner. Tents and showers provided, canoes available.


It is necessary to commit to a total experience for maximum learning and
benefit. Plan to the farm your home for the duration. You can shop and sight
see anytime, now is the time to commit to healing and self realization.

Personal Healing

Individual healing sessions are available by appointment.

Please Visit Grand Central Vortex For Additional Information!