Jul 09 2012

The Art and Science of Medicine

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Twenty-eight years ago, as I prepared for my nursing career,
I wrote about what I wanted to do and be in order to
become the health care provider of my highest ideal.
And reading it now, I agree that my ideals in that regard
have not changed at all.

First of all, I knew I had to be true to myself in my work
as well as all areas of my life. I carefully thought
about the science of medicine which fell into the category
of rational thinking, ideas proven with good
research, as well as the things that are experienced
with all five senses.

The science of medicine deals with proven facts and dislikes surprises.

The art of medicine falls into the creative medium
through which all things are possible, in this
existence‚Äďand beyond.

Taken from: Prayer Prescriptions For Nurse Healers


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