Dec 20 2011

Do Dogs Hibernate?

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Dear Goddess, I started to wonder if dogs hibernate during the winter months. Ulysses certainly seems more tired lately, and I  ponder if this is why he’s been a picky eater these days.

I asked our son this morning if his dog, Majesty, is sleeping more and eating less. He said that Majesty wants her food dish to be full, and that she guards it, but refuses to eat from it.

She also snuggles up under the blankets, and doesn’t really like to take walks.

Ulysses is snuggled up next to me as I write these words.

Do dogs hibernate or don’t they? Do people tend to sleep longer hours in the winter than in the summer? Is the energy of the winter more inwardly directed, and is the  Summer more outwardly directed?

In any case, I will take my cue from Ulysses, and strive to be more restful today.

Om Peace Amen


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