Aaron Swartz And The Freedom To Connect On The Internet

Last night I was checking out the statistics for the one-man Christmas Carol Show done 12/18/2012. My brother, D. D. Delaney played every role in less than an hour. In the process of checking out the audience for that show, I discovered my show has had 45,000 downloads in less than a one year and a half. My brother’s show had 2121 downloads alone.

This week, Devorah Lansky asked her following,”What is working what’s not working?”

Apparently, the radio show is working, and I am grateful for this platform to promote authors, worthy causes and ideas that transform society.

I have been tuning out of the news since the November/2012 election. But the suicide this week of Aaron Swartz caught my attention. He was 26 of age and a known defender of the battle to defeat SOPA, or Stop Online Piracy Act, a campaign Aaron helped lead. Aaron wanted to end online censorship and make research free to those making innovations in today’s global arena.

Aaron was a proponent of the freedom to connect on the Internet and fight online censors.

The US Justice Department and the US  Attorney General’s Office was targeting Aaron Swartz. He was facing 35 years in prison and a $1 million fine if convicted for using computers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology to download millions of academic articles provided by JSTOR, the nonprofit research Institute. These articles were free to researches, but not free to ordinary citizens.

Is this what happens when you stand up for what is right in American society?

The buck should have stopped at the office of the President of United States. The Attorney General Office and the US Justice Department were simply carrying out the President’s orders.

Now I am glad my car broke down and I was unable to vote for Barack Obama.


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