A New Day

As we go about our projects today, let us remember to see all of the beauty in our everyday lives.

My dog Ulysses and I took a walk at a local park yesterday at dusk, and this tree caught our attention. A pond graces this park, and the geese were frenetic as we took our walk around the Lake perimeter. They were not easy to capture on my camera. Next time, I will try video images.

Today is a new day. What beauty goes unnoticed, because we are too busy, or so we think?

“I am too busy,” is another excuse. We need not be enticed by it, because it exudes victim energy.

And we are here on earth to be Victors! Beauty is the antidote for “Busy-ness,” today!

This is a Prayer Prescription for our attitudes, in this very moment!

Peace (of mind) To All

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