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Don’t Wait To Get A Dog-Podcast #30

It may be irresponsible of me to say this, but whatever you do #don’t wait to get a dog, if you don’t have to. There may be many seemingly rational reasons not to get a dog, but the companionship that they provide and the love they give is unequaled by any other human/animal relationship on […]


Do A Year End Review-Podcast #29

Whatever you do, be sure to do a #year end review. This is the time of year to take stock of the year gone by and the year to come, of the many years we’ve lived on this beautiful planet of ours and hopefully of the many more years we have in this lifetime. It […]


Hospice Care Is A ReWire-Podcast #28

My Google Hangout with Stan Goldberg PhD is at the bottom of the podcast today. What was my main take away and prayer prescription? If you or your loved ones have been given a prognosis of having six months or three months to live, the best thing to do immediately is to get a referral […]

Holiday Stress

Holiday Overwhelm-Podcast #27

One of the most honest things we can do for ourselves over the long holiday season is simply to face the reality of overwhelm. We have all experienced it one time or another. This podcast explores the special circumstances that set the stage for overwhelm and my Prayer Prescriptions for overcoming it, or a whole […]


Dogs Don’t Die-Podcast #26

I had a long talk with a friend of mine last night who recently lost her dog due to severe cardiac abnormalities. When I told her last week that the dog really didn’t go anywhere, but just isn’t here in the physical realm, she suddenly felt much better and wanted to talk to me at […]

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Fearless And Free

#ReadySetSnap! ?list=UURDuy6oWzpByPKZ6EE6WX-A   What would happen if death were brought out of the closet in American Society? Would we be fearless and free? Would we no longer be anxious? Would we be courageous? Would life be a glorious adventure?


Autumn Reflections

Dear Goddess, As October draws to a close, I reflect on the autumn of 2014, and all the beautiful autumns that have gone before. I draw them all into my heart in this beautiful predawn moment. Autumn has always reminded me of a time for great contemplation, as well as a time when people become […]

Autumn flowers

Unexamined Codependency In Nursing

#unexamined codependency in the nursing profession is one of the more difficult challenges we have to face going to work every day. The unexamined life is not worth living. It’s like sleep walking or existing in an unconscious state. Naturally the typical nurse archetype will be discussed on The Nursing Career Transformation Round Table. The […]


Simple Living Is A Rewire

Dear Goddess, My #simple living Facebook page has become a meditation, of sorts. I make what is called a Vine, a six second loop, and try and do daily postings. I have made close to 700 Vines. Each Vine is a prayer. Nature sounds mingled with beautiful leaves, flowers, clouds and in the winter, stark […]


31 Day Blogging Challenge Is A Rewire

Dear Goddess, The passing from one season to another gives rise to deep introspection and contemplation. Prayer practice lassos time into my soul so that it feels like it’s slowing down, again, as when we were children. Childhood #eternal time need not be restricted only to childhood. It is available to all of us. Does […]