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Lunar Eclipse Is A Rewire

I am sure we all think of one or several things we want to do or see before we die. Even if we are healthy, our minds tend to wander to that one thing we truly need to do or be. As for me, I want to see the Aurora Borealis. What strikes me about the pictures or videos I have seen of the Northern

True Humility Is Like A Tree

Let us rewire our brain today with True Humility: True humility has as its largest component a letting go of ego, of outward appearances, of needing anything outside of yourself in order to feel alive. True humility reminds me of Saint Francis, a saint who laid down his ego for a life of servi

Spiritual Philanthropy Is Alive And Well

The Prayer Blog seems to have a life of its own. The 365 day Prayer Blogging Challenge began as an experiment and turned into a multi-dimensional never-ending project.
I remember thinking that prayers are a universal language, not to be co-opted by any religion. Yet Christianity would have you be
P. R. A. Y. E. R Rewire Our Brain

Prayer–How Do We Rewire Our Brain?

When we rewire our basic assumptions about our everyday reality, the beauty of nature comes to mind. Nature is our greatest teacher. It can be calming and beautiful, serene and magnificent, or stormy and cataclysmic. Getting back to nature is our greatest calling. Even the slight dusting of snow
P. R. A. Y. E. R . Copy

Our Assumptions Hold Us Back

Prayer Prescriptions that Rewire Assumptions About Your Everyday Reality – that spells prayer. Think about it – our assumptions not only hold us back, they hold us up, and keep us imprisoned. Some assumptions are necessary, and act as survival mechanisms. For instance, if somebody approach

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Self-Less Service Is The Ultimate Rewire

I am thinking of self-less service, today, as the ultimate way to Rewire Our Brain, collectively. What are the ingredients for service that are free of ego and rooted in Pure Humility? Sometimes the mixture takes awhile to incubate. Sometimes the yeast rises slowly. Other times, it overflows th

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone. Be sure to save some time for yourself, this weekend. Remember, if you don’t rejuvenate yourself, how can you be of use to anybody else? The answer is, you can’t. And that is the truth. I’ll be working all weekend, but I’ll be thinking of you as you create healing spaces

Authoring 12 Kindle Books In 24 Days

Dear Goddess, Today is the day! Today is always the day. This moment is always the moment! I started a yoga practice today, and got back to meditation last week. After interviewing Meagan McCrary on my radio show January 28, 2014, I became inspired and ordered Indra Devi’s book, Yoga for American

Creating Story Book Endings

Dear Goddess, Recently a patient told me that I looked like I just walked out of a storybook. After a while, she said that the book I just walked out of was called, Good Morning, Miss Dove. Humans on planet earth concentrate far too often on the horror stories of the day. The perspective of pe

Prayer For The Solstice

Dear Goddess, The solstice is upon us and we rejoice. Time stands still. The longest night and shortest day brings richness to our experience. We watch the moon as it wanes, we celebrate those who have departed and are with us still. Prayers for the season, prayers for the beauty that will always