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Rewiring Ageism And Bringing It Out Of The Closet

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my “Uprooting The Fear Of Death-Bringing IT Out Of The Closet” Google Hangout Series. Julia Assante was my first guest. I did four more interviews after that, all on the same topic, and more recently, several more solo Hangouts, also on the same theme.

I ke


THRIVE Is The Ultimate Rewire

I have so much I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Simple things. Nothing elaborate or out of the realm of possibility. At least, not for me.

Last week, I had a real fall in my energy level. I don’t know if I have ever experienced that kind of depletion.

My niece Heidi has been very excited becau


Ulysses The Dog-I Dedicate Bringing Death Out Of The Closet To Him

I had the privilege and opportunity to be interviewed by two marketing geniuses yesterday. The main reason for this interview was because I have had some success doing Google hangouts, and love doing them. Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes. The more I do Hangouts the more I love doing t


I Am The Sea of Love

I am doing weekly Google hangouts on #bringing death out of #the closet. This week, the death of Robin Williams came as a complete shock to so many of us. Why would a person who has seemingly everything- fame, fortune, love– take his own life? It turns out, William’s gave us a glimpse into what we t


Compassion Is A Rewire

Compassion is good for us. It strengthens the immune system. It creates an open heart.

It has no agenda. We surrender to it. We have no expectation of outcome.

We allow the moment to speak to us.

We become exactly what we seek to be: Beacons of kindness and happiness.

We allow others be exactly

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Blessings On Bringing Death Out Of The Closet

Dear Goddess, The 21st Century needs enlightenment FAST! Yet I know as we happily call in the angels and our highest power for guidance, we are led to the solutions which bring us peace. This is the physical world, after all. We are ensconced in this reality, yet as we mature and age wisely, we see


Bringing Death Out Of The Closet-Why Now? 10 Reasons

Dear Goddess, WHY NOW? Why do we need to bring death out of the closet NOW?

If We Can’t do it, Maybe Someone Else Can–

Hollywood? NO-Hollywood movies focus on youth worship, and sees death as a failure, a tragedy, as pure morbidity.

Almost every Hollywood movie I’ve ever seen has the fear of de

Tree Of Life

Guardian Angels Are A Rewire

I love to revisit the subject of #guardian angels every now and then, over the years. Angels are everywhere and they help us out in numerous ways every day. The only thing we have to do is tune into this help. Once we do, the miracles are abundant.

Some of us are earth angels, nurses in particular.


365 Prayer Prescription Audio Tip Challenge

Dear Goddess, I am starting another 365 challenge, but this time it’s an audio challenge, to be placed on my prayer prescription series Facebook page. Today I posted day seven of the series. I love the spontaneity of it. Since creation is a right brain activity, spontaneity and synchronicity go hand

Ho’oponopono Is Your Own Inspired Action

Lady Of Guadalupe is a meditative tool for clearing your psyche. It is a #ho’oponopono clearing tool for me, because of the inspiration I feel when I see Our Lady in pictures, of when we go to The Grotto Of Lourdes, in Emmittsburg, MD. I remember taking our dog Ulysses to this mosaic when he was dyi