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Blogging Consciousness

This is the final day of the 31 day blogging challenge. As I reflect upon this productive month, I know writing can be squeezed into the day, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. Writing itself is a solitary act. Blogging is a social act. Writing for an audience is a put your […]


Morning Pages and the Creative Process

I started haltingly to do the #morning pages in 1993, as defined in The Artist Way by #julia cameron, which I do off and on to this day. #the creative process reminds me how important it is to first of all take care of yourself during periods of great creative insight. Years ago, I made a […]


Grand Central Vortex

Grand Central Vortex launched today. Our guest was Spencer H Johnson. Spencer recently published a book on smash words called Trail Mix & Goon. His passion is solving the environmental and climate crisis. I personally had several takeaways. I was impressed by Spencer’s dedication to his writing and his music, while at the same time […]


22,000 Conscious Breaths

  Did you know that we take #22,000 breaths a day and each of those breaths  are involuntary? Which means they are unconscious. What would happen if we transformed breathing from involuntary to a consciousness where we are more aware and more in control and therefore we would dramatically improve our mental physical and creative […]


Infomercial Rewire

    What is the healthiest you’ve ever been in your life? Do you remember when that was? Perhaps you are as healthy as you’ll ever be at this moment or so you think. For me, I was blessed to be raised with a homeopathic physician, who did house calls and never  treated me with […]

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Autumn Reflections

Dear Goddess, As October draws to a close, I reflect on the autumn of 2014, and all the beautiful autumns that have gone before. I draw them all into my heart in this beautiful predawn moment. Autumn has always reminded me of a time for great contemplation, as well as a time when people become […]

Autumn flowers

Unexamined Codependency In Nursing

#unexamined codependency in the nursing profession is one of the more difficult challenges we have to face going to work every day. The unexamined life is not worth living. It’s like sleep walking or existing in an unconscious state. Naturally the typical nurse archetype will be discussed on The Nursing Career Transformation Round Table. The […]


Simple Living Is A Rewire

Dear Goddess, My #simple living Facebook page has become a meditation, of sorts. I make what is called a Vine, a six second loop, and try and do daily postings. I have made close to 700 Vines. Each Vine is a prayer. Nature sounds mingled with beautiful leaves, flowers, clouds and in the winter, stark […]


31 Day Blogging Challenge Is A Rewire

Dear Goddess, The passing from one season to another gives rise to deep introspection and contemplation. Prayer practice lassos time into my soul so that it feels like it’s slowing down, again, as when we were children. Childhood #eternal time need not be restricted only to childhood. It is available to all of us. Does […]


Blessings On Bringing Death Out Of The Closet

Dear Goddess, The 21st Century needs enlightenment FAST! Yet I know as we happily call in the angels and our highest power for guidance, we are led to the solutions which bring us peace. This is the physical world, after all. We are ensconced in this reality, yet as we mature and age wisely, we […]