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I Can See Clearly Now-Podcast 97

I Can See Clearly Now is Wayne Dyer’s new memoir and I am reading it with great enthusiasm. All of Wayne Dyer’s books have a certain amount of memoir quality to them and some of the stories he tells are not necessarily new to those who read his books. Wayne Dyer is a true mystic […]

P.R.A.Y.E.R.-Prayer Prescriptions That Rewire Assumptions About Your Your Everyday Reality

Boldly Bald Women-Podcast 95

Pam Fitros has written a book called Boldly Bald Women and she was on my Google Hangout, The Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable, today.  The book is a real eye-opener not only for families and friends of boldly bald women who have the condition for a variety of different reasons, but for healthcare workers to understand how […]


Religion and Spirituality are One-Podcast 93

I am still reviewing the book The Map of Heaven by Eben Alexander. Today’s take away from that book entails the concept that religion and spirituality are one and the same. Add to this the material world and science and you have a holy trinity of sorts involving religion, spirit and science. How many times […]

Analyzing stress patterns (7)

The Entrepreneurial Mindset-Podcast 92

Synchronistically, I am reading two books about the entrepreneurial mindset. One is by Elizabeth’s Scala called Your Next Shift, and the other is by Jan Moore called Work On Your Own Terms In Midlife And Beyond, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. Elizabeth Scala’s book is geared to nurses and Jan Moore’s book is targeted to […]

Nature Heals

Ho’oponopono-A ReWire

The practice of Ho’oponopono is one that deepens over time. When I took an online Ho’oponopono course, given by Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale, my practice of Ho’oponopono changed forever. The practice of Ho’oponopono is a mind re-training, or more to the point, a training, since we never were trained to understand that everything we […]

Prayer Blog

When I’m 64-Podcast 98

My 100 podcast coincides with my 64th birthday on March 3. This is a synchronistic event and I did not plan it. I play “When I’m 64″ on my podcast today and it sounds damn good. So what’s it like to have almost 100 podcasts under my belt? Do I have any more to say? What could […]


Nursing Career Transformation Roundtable-Podcast 96

The boldly bald women conversation Google Hangout is now successfully posted on my Nursing Career Transformation You Tube Channel.  Soon I will promote it on some of the nursing forums I frequent on Facebook.  I know men are traumatized by hair loss, too. When my husband began to lose his hair, those first devastating realizations […]

What Are You Learning In This Lifetime?

You Are Without Doing-Podcast 94

I’ve decided that the tagline for my podcast is: “Thoughts and musings on everything I am learning in this lifetime.”  A lot of what I am learning fits in with health, optimal health and well-being particularly geared to my generation of baby boomers. I am going to be 64 for next week, and am reminded […]

My dog Ulysses on iPhone6

Sanctity Of Patient Care-and Ulysses-Podcast 91

My dog Ulysses showed up as the cover picture on my new iPhone 6. He died from complications of a cancer relapse on January 17, 2012. Furthermore, my new iPhone 6 came populated with old pictures of Ulysses and old blog posts I wrote about Ulysses, which I thought were long gone. This one is […]

letter writing skills

Letter Writing Revisited-Podcast 89

I wrote my first handwritten letter and sent it out yesterday. Now who is my next pick for this letter writing campaign? It’s a strange experience writing letters, again. It feels like I have to really slow down to excavate my true feelings. Then I have to wonder if I should really say that or […]