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Brain and Consciousness

Consciousness Survives Beyond Death-Podcast #69

Consciousness is not rooted in the brain. It is a phenomena that transcends all physical reality. Julia Assante’s  book the Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death, is one of the most important books I’ve ever read and am now rereading it. As Eben Alexander points out in his book Proof […]


Death Is Not The Enemy-Podcast #67

Bringing death out of the closet has been one of my greatest passions these last three years. This particular podcast changed my life. It was my first Google Hangout (MP4) now podcast (MP3) and I was nervous and excited to have Julia Assante join me. She is the author of The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife […]


What Is Your Relationship With The Present Moment? Podcast #66

A snow storm is brewing here in East Coast America. And in its raw and awesome beauty, I am struck by the expansiveness of what is always here and now-the present moment. In that expansiveness, time does not exist. We begin to see in a deep well of beauty and responsiveness. We have the opportunity to […]

Drew at Fusion 2.0

Sharing Transformation-Podcast #63

Drew Griffin was on my Google Hangout yesterday, discussing podcasting for entrepreneurial nurses. For me, so far, podcasting is a labor of love. I believe that life gives us opportunities to share transformation, because everything in our lives is transforming, all of it, the good, the bad, the neutral, even what appears to be ugly. […]

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Birth and Death Are The Same-Podcast #62

My husband Tom and I were praying around the death bed of our friend Chuck Leayman just before he was taken down for a brain flow test. That was when he was pronounced dead. He was kept on life support until his organs could be harvested for donation. Please refer to my posts about the […]

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the Last Frontier

Nature Prepares Us For Birth and Death-Podcast #68

It is important to use prayer, not as a last ditch attempt at saving lives, because people will die, and so will you and I–(well do we really die? that is open to discussion). Prayer is used to get into a vibrational field of peace of mind. So when we pray for those who are […]


Consciousness Is-Podcast #65

Consciousness IS Reality. It is strange how Science discounts the reality of Consciousness by the belief that the brain is the originator of consciousness. Science says life is a linear continuum from birth to death. In other words, nothing exists before or after this continuum. Dr Alexander seeks to change this world view because of […]


Review “Proof Of Heaven”–Podcast #64

Today’s podcast is a review of the book called Proof Of Heaven by Eben Alexander M.D. Synchronistically, I picked up the book before I knew our friend Chuck Leayman was killed by a hit-and-run driver and left on life support for three days. The experience of Eden Alexander closely resembled the experience of Chuck when […]


Chuck Leayman and Persephone Are Connected-Podcast #61

Our friend Chuck sailed away with our Owl, Persephone, this morning. All the kings men and all the kings horses couldn’t put Chuck back together again. However, there’s so much more than this physical existence. The expansion  and power I felt upon learning that Chuck was going to die, made me want to share the […]


Chuck Lehman in Memoriam-Podcast #60

Chuck Leayman was struck by a hit and run driver and is on life-support at the hospital. I think he is going to die. As soon as I heard, I felt a sense of expansion, of eternity, as if where he is going is waiting to receive him. Life-support is holding him back. Chuck is […]