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Death Bed Vigils-A Rewire

Our friend Bob recently had open heart surgery and now is in Hospice, getting ready to die. He’d probably have a longer life if that surgery wouldn’t have been the only option offered.

So now we are experiencing the intensity of the death bed vigil. I forgot how much I love them. Not everyone does,


Cyber Death Conversations — A Rewire

I don’t know too many people who sit around talking about death. Do you?

Yet casual conversations about death is exactly what we need, what society needs, to bring death out of the closet.

These conversations bring meaning to our lives.

I wanted to have a death café at a local restaurant, starte

Conestoga River Joy

From Grief To Joy Is A Rewire

Grief can be much worse when you believe the person who is died is gone. You hear that all the time: “She is gone. I lost her. She’s in heaven now.”

It must be tough for the person who died to suddenly be invisible to the people she loves. But then, she can move on and get on with her own destiny w


From Guilt To Gratitude Is A Rewire

When a person can go from guilt to gratitude, they are on the road to recovery. And what is recovery? It’s letting go letting God, it is finding peace at any cost, letting go of judgment and the need to be right, and finding love in your heart for all of god’s creations.

How can we live on this bea


Birth Is A Rewire

Besides forgiveness and death, birth is one of the greatest rewires. The baby comes into the world as a pure receptacle of love. She is wired for love. She responds to every kiss, every touch. The nipple in her mouth is a second nature loving response. Natural childbirth minimizes birth trauma, so t

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Tree Of Life

Guardian Angels Are A Rewire

I love to revisit the subject of #guardian angels every now and then, over the years. Angels are everywhere and they help us out in numerous ways every day. The only thing we have to do is tune into this help. Once we do, the miracles are abundant.

Some of us are earth angels, nurses in particular.


365 Prayer Prescription Audio Tip Challenge

Dear Goddess, I am starting another 365 challenge, but this time it’s an audio challenge, to be placed on my prayer prescription series Facebook page. Today I posted day seven of the series. I love the spontaneity of it. Since creation is a right brain activity, spontaneity and synchronicity go hand

Ho’oponopono Is Your Own Inspired Action

Lady Of Guadalupe is a meditative tool for clearing your psyche. It is a #ho’oponopono clearing tool for me, because of the inspiration I feel when I see Our Lady in pictures, of when we go to The Grotto Of Lourdes, in Emmittsburg, MD. I remember taking our dog Ulysses to this mosaic when he was dyi

Water-a cleaning Ho'oponopono tool of transformation

How Does Ho’oponopono Rewire Your Brain?

According to #ho‘oponopono, we spot it, and it’s our responsibility. For instance, my reactions of negativity are a shared memory– couple that with “there’s only one of us here.” So if I clear it within, I clear it within you too. Once it is clear, divinity shines through and heals.

When our mind

Beautiful Pearl

The Bare Essence Of Life Is A Rewire

Jai Ram, Jai Ram, Joyous I am at the beauty of this morn.

It staggers the mind how beautiful the whole of life is today and every day,

Dear Angels, Show us beauty in our experience today. Allow beauty to permeate every cell and atom of our being.

Because Beauty Is Who We Are.

Allow The Prayerful